Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My old hobby

Since quite so long that I have not hit any balls in the driving range nor played 18th holes of golf ever again. I have a thought that, this could be the last chance for me to play on my University's golf field. I do felt kinda awkward with the steps already by now. Need to practice a lot to get my touch again. Whew..

I do bring along some of my friends there. Mike, Humaidi, Hani and Mus had joined my for quite sometime. I don't mind to ask anyone to join me as if they do have the passion or wanted to learn how to play this interesting, patient tester, relaxing and a true nature game. hahaha..

And guess what? It took me a while to finally wrote on this blog again. It's not because of I'm that bussy to fill it in, but as that I don't have any cool thing or infect boring thing to write on during all these days. However, I do occasionally active in the Youtube page. Updated my band page there. Here guys, take a look at my channel: